Raghav Babbar

A Visual Journey

As an artist, Raghav Babbar paints from his emotions in the moment. He has recently begun to discover himself both as an artist and an individual. Looking for a subject introduced complications which led to unsatisfactory results.
He says: "Amongst my paintings, I realised people truly liked those that I had done the creative process spontaneously instead of subjects I sought out. This led me to pick figurative studies to better express my emotions on the canvas, allowing me to better observe moods and personalities. Their momentary actions usually give me the purest display of emotion possible, especially when they are alone. Capturing them in these moments and relaying it to the canvas later establishes a connection between the individual and myself. I feel figures are an area where it is easy for me to express myself. Strokes I make change the narrative of the moment."
Artists in the 19-20th Centuries inspire him to paint with passion. Artists like Van Gogh who painted surrounding landscapes during his spare time inspire Babbar to have confidence in his work.
"The attachments I have to my daily sights gives life to my work."